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In this Program, you will: 1. Understand that real numbers can be rational or irrational 2. Establish between which two integers a given simple surd lies 3. Round real numbers to an appropriate degree of accuracy 4. Multiplication of a binomial by a trinomial 5. Factorisation to include types taught in Grade 9 and: • Trinomials • Grouping in pairs • Sum and difference of two cubes 6. Simplifying, adding and subtracting algebraic fractions using factorisation with denominators of cubes (limited to sum and difference of cubes) 6. Revise laws of exponents learnt in Grade 9 7.Use the laws of exponents to simplify expressions and solve equations 8. 8.1. Revise the solution of linear equations 8.2. Solve quadratic equations (by factorisation) 8.3. Solve simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns 8.4. Solve word problems involving linear, quadratic or simultaneous linear equations 8.5. Solve literal equations (changing the subject of a formula) 8.6. Solve linear inequalities (and show solution graphically) Interval notation must be known EXAMINATION PREPARATION Well prepared units to assist you as you prepare for your tests and examinations

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