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In this program you will deal with the following: WHOLE NUMBERS Properties of whole numbers • Revise the properties done in the previous grades • Recognise the division property of 0, whereby any number divided by 0 is undefined Calculations using whole numbers Revise: • Calculations using all four operations on whole numbers, estimating and using calculators where appropriate Calculation techniques • Use a range of strategies to perform and check written and mental calculations with whole numbers including: ‒ Estimation ‒ Adding, subtracting and multiplying in columns ‒ Long division ‒ Rounding off and compensating ‒ Using a calculator Multiples and factors Revise • Prime factors of numbers to at least 3-digit whole numbers • LCM and HCF of whole numbers, by inspection or factorisation Solving problems Revise • Solve problems involving whole numbers, including: ‒ Comparing two or more quantities of the same kind (ratio) ‒ Comparing two quantities of different kinds (rate) ‒ Sharing in a given ratio where the whole is given • Extend to increasing or decreasing of a number in a given ratio • Solve problems that involve whole numbers, percentages and decimal fractions in financial contexts such as: ‒ VAT ‒ Hire purchase ‒ Exchange rates ‒ Profit, loss, discount and VAT

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