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TEACHER GUIDED SECTIONS In these sections, you will: • Revise measures of central tendency and dispersion in ungrouped and grouped data • Revise five number summary (maximum, minimum and quartiles) and box and whisker diagram • Revise histograms, Frequency polygons, Ogives (cumulative frequency curves), Variance and standard deviation of ungrouped data, Symmetric and skewed data and Identification of outliers • Use statistical summaries, scatterplots, regression (in particular the least squares regression line) and correlation to analyse and make meaningful comments on the context associated with given bivariate data, including interpolation, extrapolation and discussions on skewness EXAMINATION AND TEST PREPARATION SECTIONS Units in this section will assist you as you prepare for your examinations and tests. The questions are appropriate for both DBE and IEB examinations. Each question is explained in detail in the video tutorial. It is recommended that you follow the following steps in these sections: • Check the whole question in the section introduction and try all the questions before proceeding to the steps • Procced to the steps and do the questions one at a time • Once you have answered the question, check the answer (memo) and mark your work • Learn from the video tutorial (Note: you will understand the video tutorial better if you have tried the question(s) on your own first) All the best in your tests and examinations.

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