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In this COURSE, you will: 1. Derive and use the identities 2. Derive and use reduction formulae to simplify trigonometric expressions 3. Determine for which values of a variable an identity holds 4. Determine the general solutions of trigonometric equations. Also, determine solutions in specific intervals 5. Point by point plot basic graphs defined by 𝑦=sin𝜃 , 𝑦=cos𝜃 and 𝑦=tan𝜃 for 𝜃∈[−360°,360° ] 6. Investigate the effect of the parameter k on the trigonometric graphs 7. Investigate the effect of the parameter 𝑝 on the trigonometric graphs 8. Draw sketch graphs defined of trigonometric functions, at most two parameters at a time 9. Prove and apply the sine, cosine and area rules 10. Solve problems in two dimensions using the sine, cosine and area rules

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